Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week's update

Well, with the fire, we decided to ditch town and drive to visit friends for the weekend. So there was not a lot of cooking going on after last Weds.

The hubby made his famous tomato soup (from Betty Crocker? Better Homes and Gardens?) one night. Thursday.

We had a really nice salad a couple of nights this week with lettuce, arugula, steamed beets, carrots, corn, black beans, vinaigrette, and toasted walnuts. And some more of that vegan "blue cheese" (doesn't taste like blue cheese).

And tonight I made this cabbage slaw, with red cabbage 'cuz that's what we had. I cut the oil in half. But I didn't eat it, because I was off running a 5k and got free snacks and beer. Hubby didn't care for it much, said the cilantro was overpowering but the bites with nuts were good. So I added some cashews, shredded kohlrabi, and shredded carrot. I'll let you know how it is tomorrow, when I have it for lunch. It's not too far off from the ramen slaw that I've made, except no ramen and the added cilantro and sesame oil.

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Amy B said...

looks healthy!