Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vegan Sausage and Gravy over (non-vegan) biscuits

So, I've been interested in tempeh. Bought it once, cooked it once, but that's about it. So when I was at the local health-foodie store snacking on the nice cheeses they have out to sample at the end of a workday, I bought a package.

Then I went home and opened up my favorite vegan cookbook Vegan With a Vengeance and looked up tempeh in the index. Now, I also have Veganomicon, but that cookbook kinda scares me (I have made at least one recipe from it). Being that I work full time and have a toddler, most of those recipes look a little bit much for me.

Thus, I found vegan sausage crumbles and white bean gravy over biscuits. Now, making my own biscuits was just not something I was up to, so I paid $1 for a bisquick packet (complete with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, eggs, and buttermilk, so not vegan and not particularly healthy either, but only a buck and only required water).

This was very easy, and very very tasty. Not at all tasting like true southern biscuits and gravy (or even northern), but very good nonetheless. We will be making it again. I did make a substitution, as I didn't have fresh sage leaves, but I did have fresh savory. I did adjust the dried seasonings a bit also.

Vegan Sausage Crumbles and White Bean Gravy (6 to 8 servings)
1 8-oz package tempeh: 2.99
1 T fennel seed: 0.10
1 tsp basil: 0.03
3/4 tsp dried marjoram: 0.02
3/4 tsp dried oregano: 0.02
1/4 tsp dried red pepper flakes: 0.01
1/2 tsp sage: 0.08
2 cloves garlic, pressed: 0.10
2 T soy sauce: 0.09
1 T olive oil: 0.11
2 Tbsp lemon juice: free for me
Total: $3.55 for 6 servings, or $0.59 per serving

In medium saucepan, crumble tempeh. Mostly, but not completely, cover with water. Simmer over medium heat until most of the water is absorbed, about 10-12 mins. Add the rest of the ingredients. Cook over medium heat, stirring, until brown, 8-10 min.

Meanwhile, make the gravy:

White Bean Gravy
1 can white beans, drained and rinsed: 0.79
1 T olive oil: 0.11
1/2 c. water
1 tsp vegetarian stock powder
salt and pepper to taste
two sprigs fresh savory, leaves removed from stalk: 0.10
Total: $1.00 for 6 servings, or $0.17 per serving.

Puree beans, olive oil, water, and stock flavor in a food processor until smooth. Add to tempeh crumbles when they are browned. Add salt and pepper. Three min before serving, add savory.

The biscuit mix made 8 biscuits, but really only 6 servings (2 biscuits for the adults, one for the toddler, so two meals). Also $0.17 each.

Total for the meal, per serving: $0.93

We ate this with asparagus from the farmer's market (at $0.17 per stalk...hey that's the lucky number for the day). It was delicious.

Sadly, no pictures, as my camera battery died at the park today.

Now back to shelling the fava beans for tomorrow's dinner...

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