Friday, September 2, 2011

Roasted Summer Vegetable Pasta

Well, I've made this so much the last few weeks that I thought I'd share the recipe.

Roasted Summer Vegetable Pasta
1 lb whole wheat pasta (I like penne): 1.39
1 pint cherry tomatoes: 3.00
1 onion, chopped into large chunks: 0.60
4 cloves garlic, whole unpeeled: 0.25
1 oz shredded gouda: 0.70
1 oz grated parmesan: 0.40
1 Tbsp olive oil: 0.10
4 oz soft goat cheese: 0.80
S&P to taste
Total: $7.24 for 8 servings, $0.91 per serving

"extras": diced canned tomatoes, fresh basil, dried basil and oregano, cooked chicken or pepperoni (none of these are necessary, but if you've got 'em, throw them in)

Preheat oven to 400F.  On a baking sheet (I line mine with parchment), place the cherry tomatoes, onion, and garlic in a layer.  Spray with cooking spray or toss with some olive oil.  Salt and Pepper to taste.  Roast, stirring once, 20-40 mins (this will depend on your desired level of doneness).  Let the vegetables cool.  Squeeze the garlic out of the skins.  You can either leave the vegetables whole or puree them into a sauce.  I've done both.  I prefer whole, but my son will pick some of the things out, so pureeing prevents that.

Cook the pasta in boiling salted water until al dente.  Save a cup or so of the pasta water before draining.

Toss the pasta back into the pot with the vegetables.  Add the cheeses and stir well.  Add enough pasta water to get desired consistency.  I usually have the heat on low at this point.  Add more S&P to taste and any other extras you want in there.

This is quick, relatively easy, and makes 8 servings.  That's 3 days of meals for us, more if spouse is traveling.  Sometimes I eat this with a salad, and sometimes I top with a cooked vegetable.  Broccoli is pretty good, as are green beans, peas, and carrots.

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sophia said...

Fresh and simple! Goat cheese really rounds it out nicely. :-)