Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Holy Mackeral

So, my coworker likes to fish off a local pier.  And he catches a lot of mackeral.  And he gave me a bag, when I said I like fish.  "Are you sure you like mackeral?  It's fishy."  Dude, I don't care.  Isn't fish supposed to be fishy?

It was a BIG freezer bag with like, 20 mackeral.  And I didn't appreciate how many dang little tiny bones there were.  We grilled it on Sunday night and each had a few fish.  Then, we spent a couple of hours over the next 2 days painstakingly picking the meat from the bones.  Monday lunch: mackeral salad sandwiches.  Tuesday and Wednesday (tomorrow) lunch?  Same thing.  And...I think Thursday lunch too, then we will have kicked it.
I have to say, it's tasty, and I've gotten all my good omega-3's the last several days.

So, if you happen to find yourself the recipient of a bunch of mackeral: Spray some foil with cooking spray.  Salt the fish.  Grill on medium 8 min.  Flip.  Grill another 8 min.  Serve with lemon and tapatio.  And pick out the bones.


Anonymous said...

i am like you i will take any fish if given to me!

Joanne said...

I'm always up for free fish! Especially if it's fresh!

Marcia said...

Yep, it was pretty good fish and we are having the last ones today. But if he gives me another big bag, I'll make sure I have friends over for dinner.