Weekly Meals

Weekly Meal Plan, 3/6/11 (dinners)

Sunday: Sesame Cashew Noodles, salad
Monday: salmon patties, fried potatoes, turnips, onions, green beans
Tuesday: veggies burgers, sauteed mushrooms, salad
Wednesday: bean burritos, kale chips, snap peas
Thursday: salmon in a lime-maple sauce, roasted potatoes, beets, onion, fennel
Friday: skillet pasta marinara, steamed broccoli
Saturday: tri-tip, potatoes of some kind, salad

Week of 1/16/11

Breakfast: homemade bread with cheese, fruit smoothies
Lunch: mom: salad.  Dad and kid: egg, sandwich, veggies
Dinner: chard with bacon, turnip chips, meat and lentil loaf, Martha Stewart's soda biscuits

Breakfast: homemade bread, cottage cheese, cheese
Lunch: mom: meatloaf, chard, salad, soda biscuit.  Boys: meatloaf and veggies
Dinner: spaghetti with tomato sauce and parmesan.  Salad

Breakfast: homemade bread, cottage cheese, almond butter
Lunch: mom: lunch at work.  Dad: spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatloaf
Dinner: soup (from the neighbor), soda biscuits, salad

Breakfast: homemade bread
Lunch: spaghetti and meatloaf
Dinner: leftover turkey stew from freezer, salad

Breakfast: Trader Joe's O's, and a cherimoya.
Lunch: leftover turkey stew, cottage cheese, avocado
Dinner: leftover spaghetti, leftover beef and lentil loaf, kale chips

Breakfast: homemade bread
Lunch: Leftover turkey stew, avocado
Dinner:  Leftover spaghetti, steamed broccoli, turnip chips

Lunch: El Torito with friends
Dinner:  leek and parsley risotto, turnips

Week Ending 3/13/10:

Breakfast: mom: toast with sunflower seed butter. Dad: toast. Child: cereal.
Lunch: mom: tortilla with cheese, avo, salsa, sour cream (actually, this was the post run snack), chickpeas and rice. Dad and child: PB&J, apple.
Dinner: lemon-pea-mushroom risotto, kale chips, eggs

Breakfast: mom and dad: yogurt, fruit, granola (dad also had toast with cheese). Child: cereal
Lunch: pizza at the local joint (good!)
Dinner: pumpkin soup, bean sliders, chips and guacamole

Breakfast: mom and dad: yogurt, fruit, granola. Child: cereal
Lunch: child: leftover pizza and applesauce. Mom and dad: leftover risotto
Dinner: leftover pumpkin soup and bean sliders. Asparagus

Breakfast: mom: yogurt, fruit, granola. Child: cereal. Dad: toast
Lunch: child: leftover pizza and apple. Mom: leftover risotto, beets with hummus, avocado. Dad: sandwich and an egg.
Dinner: leftover split pea soup from freezer, green beans, grilled cheese

Breakfast: homemade bread
Lunch: child: PB&J, applesauce. Mom and dad: hummus and veggie wraps
Dinner: leftover pumpkin soup, veggie burgers, salad

Breakfast: homemade bread
Lunch: child: PB&J, banana. Mom and dad: Hummus and veggies wraps
Dinner: egg noodles with green garlic, peas, soy meatballs, and cheese-y white sauce. Topped with toasted buttered breadcrumbs. And a salad.

Breakfast: grape juice, chard, mango, banana, strawberry, blueberry, soy milk, flax smoothies. Homemade bread.
Lunch: mom: leftover noodles, green beans, last of the pumpkin soup. Boys: out
Dinner: leftover noodles, collard chips.

Week ending 3/6/10

purple smoothies (grape juice, strawberries, frozen banana, frozen blueberries, flax, yogurt, tangelo), plus 1/2 slice homemade bread with sunbutter (mom), homemade bread (dad), and half bar (child)
Lunch: Costco: Mom: chicken salad wrap. Dad: pizza and hot dog. Child: pizza.
Dinner: whole wheat pasta with green sauce (cilantro, garlic, chard, lemon, and pesto from the freezer), roast chicken from Costco, asparagus, chips with hummus, guac, and salsa (friends over for dinner), Trader Joe's vanilla cake for dessert.

Breakfast: mom and dad: homemade bread. Child: cereal bar.
Lunch: mom: chicken salad wrap and last of the vegetable creole (I was hungry, ran 8 miles). Dad: chicken salad wrap and PB&J and chips. Child: PB&J, chips, edamame, grapes.
Dinner: roast beets, potatoes, and onions. Red bean and wheatberry salad with roasted peppers, olives, feta, salsa, and celery.

Breakfast: homemade bread.
Lunch: leftover green pasta with chicken (all), and fruit (grapes, apples, oranges, bananas), and edamame
Dinner: Leftover red bean and wheatberry salad, avocado, kale chips, chicken

Breakfast: homemade bread (new)
Lunch: mom: green pasta (L), edamame, apple. Child: green pasta, chicken, grapes. Spouse: free work lunch.
Dinner: veggie burgers, asparagus

Breakfast: homemade bread (parents), half cereal bar (child)
Lunch: mom: big salad with few cups romaine, 1/2 cup of red bean and wheatberry salad, a couple pieces of leftover asparagus, one small avocado, and a small corn tortilla. Dad: last of the chicken and green pasta. Child: PB&J and applesauce.
Dinner: lentil and artichoke stew (L from freezer), celery with hummus, chips and salsa. Dad will get free pizza for donating blood (pizza night is Weds night at Tri counties blood bank).

Breakfast: homemade bread
Lunch: mom: leftover stew, dad: last of the wheatberry and bean salad, child: school lunch ravioli (out of bread). Plus edamame
Dinner: Mediterranean chickpeas and rice, and whatever veggie from the CSA is the easiest.

Breakfast: bread with sunflower seed butter, strawberries
Lunch: Mom: egg sandwich, broccoli, orange. Dad: Friday lunch out. Child: school lunch - pizza
Dinner: Leftover chickpeas and rice, salad with romaine, goat cheese, toasted walnuts, steamed beets, strawberries, avocado (oh my goodness was this GOOD). Steamed beets are yummy.

Week ending 2/26/2010

Breakfast: mom and dad: homemade bread with cheese and/ or jam, sunflower seed butter... Child: cereal
Lunch: mom: out, dad and child: PB&J, edamame, apple, chips
Dinner: salad and split pea soup

Breakfast: mom and dad: homemade bread (L) with fixins. Child: cereal bar.
Lunch: mom and child: PB&J, edamame, apples, tortilla with cheese. Dad: airport food
Dinner: mom and child: au gratin potatoes with collards, salad. Dad: pretty sure he skipped dinner.

Breakfast: Mom: homemade bread (L). Child: cereal. Dad: whatever the hotel had.
Lunch: child: PB&J, apple. Mom: au gratin potatoes (L), frozen mixed veggies. Dad: airport food.
Dinner: mom and child: split pea soup (L), kale chips. Dad: granola bar and apple.

Breakfast: Mom and dad: homemade bread (L). Child: froot loops that dad brought home from tip. Which mom isn't too happy about, but I guess it's only 3 times a year or so.
Lunch: child: PB sandwich, applesauce, tortilla. Mom and dad: au gratin potatoes (L), frozen mixed veggies.
Dinner: split pea soup (L), tortillas with cheese, roasted veggies (onions, potatoes, beets, carrots)

Breakfast: Mom and dad: homemade bread (L). Child: cereal.
Lunch: Mom and dad: au gratin potatoes, roasted veggies (L) (dad), frozen veggies (mom). Child: corn tortilla with cheese, applesauce, roasted veggies (L).
Dinner: vegan creole root veggies over rice.

Breakfast: Mom and dad: homemade bread (new). Child: breakfast bar
Lunch: Mom: au gratin potatoes (L), Dad: creole root veggies (L), Child: tortilla with cheese, egg, grapes
Dinner: Mom: salad and creole veggies (L), Dad: salad and pizza (leftover from mom's work), Child: pizza, salad, strawberries, avocado

Breakfast: Mom and dad: homemade bread (L). Child: grapes and breakfast bar.
Lunch: (all out) Mom: veggie wrap, Dad: burrito, Child: pizza (school lunch)
Dinner: chips and guacamole, creole veggies (L), sliced oranges, tortillas with cheese

This list does not include snacks: apples, bananas, granola bars, dates, oranges...