Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chard Pizza

I used the recipe here as an inspiration.  I found it because I got chard this week, but felt like pizza and googled "chard pizza", and...voila!

I made my standard pizza dough in the bread machine the night before.  Even bread machine crusts take about 1 hr 45 min with the mixing, rising, resting, shaping, par-baking...which is not do-able after work and before dinner.  I wish it were, but not so much.  But I planned ahead, which is uncommon these days mid-week.

For the topping, I sauteed an onion, some fennel, and the sliced chard stalks until they were well carmelized.  I used a little canola oil and some butter.  Then I added the chard leaves (chopped) and salt.  After the leaves were steamed and cooked mostly dry, I added a little bit of the oil from jarred sundried tomatoes and a pesto cube from the freezer. 

This greens layer was the "sauce".  I topped that with mozzarella and some aged goat cheese from the foo foo grocery store up the road.  $13 a pound.  But I only used about an ounce and a half.  Finished with some sliced kalamata olives.  With the oil and the cheese, this was NOT a lowfat pizza, but one slice went a long way.

It was *very* good.  Even though it's not a traditional crust (half whole wheat, baked at 400F, par baked before that, not on a pizza stone), my crust is still good and tasty.  There's one crust left for dinner tomorrow night.  But no more chard.  Maybe I'll have to make a bacon pizza.

Tonight we had it a big salad with green leaf lettuce, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, carrots, avocado, and toasted macadamias.  Yummy.


Anonymous said...

did it turn out good marcia? looks like a great recipe!

Joanne said...

And to think chard is my favorite leafy green! Perfect. I've been craving pizza lately also...definitely need to try this!