Monday, April 25, 2011

Camping Food

This weekend we celebrated Easter holiday by going camping in Joshua Tree with our friends and neighbors.  Not the best way to spend the weekend after I started watching my diet again, but hey.

Joshua Tree is between 4 and 7 hours from where we live.  Through Los Angeles, in 0 traffic, 4 hours.   Yeah.  We've never tried that.  In traffic through Los Angeles, 7 hours.  We've never experienced that either.  We've been on this trip twice now, and one trip to Big Bear Lake, which is similar in distance.  Every time we've driven there, we've gone the "back way" or "northern route" (thanks to my friend Bob for the suggestion).  This means the Pearblossom highway.  Which, if you google, is considered a death trap highway.  I guess a lot of people are very impatient and try to pass on the double yellow.

Pearblossom is a highway that takes you along a route full of towns like Palmdale, Pearblossom, Victorville, and Apple Valley (not an apple to be found).  It's...a lot of desert.  But then so is Joshua Tree. But it is also a pretty consistent 5.5 hours to Joshua Tree.  I like consistent.

I always pack too much food on these things, and so do my neighbors.  We tend to mix what we've got together and nobody goes hungry.  On the plus side, I came home with the can of chili and some tortillas, so that was my lunch today, and will be tomorrow too.

What we took:

What we ate:
Dinner, day 1: hot dogs, avocado, homemade beans, carrots and celery and hummus, beer for the boys (but only 1/2 a beer because it was so windy the beers tipped over in the wind.  No joke.  We ended up taking down our tent because it was so windy.  Hubby and son joined the other family in their camper van - now they can say it sleeps 7!  And I slept in the back of the Matrix.  With the seats folded down and me being only 5'2", I fit just fine.)  And we weren't in JT, they were full - so we went to a private campground outside the park.
Breakfast day 2: We went out for breakfast.  We wanted to head into JT, and it was still so windy we couldn't cook at the campground.  We did get a campsite in JT that day.
Lunch day 2:  We had such a big, late breakfast, that we just snacked on apples, oranges, nuts, more veggies and hummus, crackers, jerky.
Dinner day 2:  pasta with sauce, broccoli, burgers
Breakfast day 3: oatmeal, dried fruit, and the people at the next campsite made blueberry muffin cake and gave us the leftovers.  It was yummy!

Then we left and had lunch on the way.  Fast food.  I'll leave it at that.


Joanne said...

Holiday weekends never really are good times to restart diets, are they? Sounds like you had fun, though!

Biz said...

"deathtrap highway??!!" When we went to Tennessee a few years ago - I was terrified of the mountain driving, I thought the roads were too narrow, everyone was driving way too fast - so scary!

Glad you had a nice weekend though!

Anonymous said...

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