Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beer Bread

We bought a case of beer for my son's 5th birthday party.  There's a lot of beer left.  (Yes, I understand that it might seem weird to buy beer for a kid's birthday party, but the beer is for the adults and the cake is for the kids.  Have to lure the parents there somehow.)

In any event, we bought a "mix" of the local beer, and it came with a fair amount of IPA.  I don't really like IPA.  I've tried to, and some of them aren't bad, but it's really not a drinking beer for me.  So I can get through about half of it, and lose interest.

So I decided to try and make beer bread in the bread machine.  Well, my machine did not come with a recipe.  So I googled, found recipes, and decided to adjust them to fit my machine's ratios.  Which just means...I substituted beer for most of the water.

Luckily for me it came out, and I even wrote down the ingredients, so I was able to make it again.  But just in case I accidentally throw away this yellow Amazon envelope with the recipe scratched on it, I thought I should post it here for future reference.  As with any bread machine recipes, you have to adjust them for your particular machine.  We learned that when we replaced our dead Breadman with a Panasonic and promptly started putting out bricks.

I like my beer bread with rye flour and caraway seeds.  It's good with wheat flour too, which is what I used this time when I couldn't find the rye flour.  (It was in the cabinet!  Huh!  I thought I put it in the fridge.)

Beer Bread with Rye Flour and Caraway Seeds.
2 cups bread flour:  0.34
1 cup rye flour: 0.40
1.5 Tbsp dry milk powder: 0.15

1.5 Tbsp sugar: 0.05
1 Tbsp caraway seeds: 0.05

1.5 tsp salt: 0.01
1.5 Tbsp oil: 0.05
1 c beer: 0.50
1/4 c water (or any combo of 1 1/4 c liquid)
1 tsp yeast: 0.02

Total: $1.57 for a medium loaf, about 1.5 lbs is my guess, just by adding up the weight of the ingredients.  $0.13 for a 2 oz slice.

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Joanne said...

I truly don't like beer (well, except Blue Moon. And sometimes Stella.) but ironically enough, I've had a HUGE craving for beer bread lately! Have to try this!