Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 3 CSA

Here's this week's haul, and my initial thoughts on what to do with it all...

1.5 lb pink lady em, you know, the farmer's market was canceled Weds due to the rain, so I didn't get to buy my apples
1 lb broccoli - steamed, tossed with olive oil and pepper
1 head romaine. Salad
1 bunch collard greens. Probably collard chips.
1 bunch mustard greens. Maybe sauteed with lemon and walnuts.
1 bunch carrots. Salad.
1 bunch turnips. Roasted.
1 small butternut squash. Roasted
1 bunch cilantro. Sesame cashew noodles.

Two big weekend meals will be veg chili (Saturday) and sesame cashew noodles (Sunday, gotta work, this is quick and easy).

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