Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cheap Entertainment

There have not been very many relaxing "hang out" weekend days in the household lately (except for the train ride to New Mexico on vacation). This is partly because Sat mornings I run, and Sunday mornings we have the tennis (spouse) and yoga (me) combo. Add to that weekend work and a kid who still naps...

This weekend we managed to sneak away in the morning for a little hike to Nojoqui falls. Most times of the year, it's a trickle. But with a straight 5 days of rain, it was flowing nicely. A 10 min muddy walk takes you to the base of the falls. Our son really enjoyed it once he realized that we weren't going to carry him.

After the hike we had a picnic lunch. Really, I should plan more of these. Generally when we head up to the valley, we eat out. But it only took about 15 mins to throw this together...edamame, apples, oranges, cheese and crackers, leftover pasta salad, water, and some nuts. It was very nice to relax in the sun at a picnic table and chat. After that my son played in the playground and spent some time picking up sticks.

Sunday I had to work, so the spouse took our son to the zoo. We have a membership, so total zoo day cost is the price of a train ride (we can't go to the zoo and not take the little train). You can pack a lunch there too (in this case, PB&J and a banana).

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