Monday, January 25, 2010

A couple of dinners

As much as I do get a bit tired of leftovers, it's about what I can handle right now. Oh, how I miss my 30-hour work weeks. Two big meals on the weekends, a couple of smaller meals during the week, filled in with CSA veggies.

You'll see here Saturday's dinner, which was homemade vegetarian chili from Cook For Good Basics (yum), with cornbread from Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook (thanks to the spouse), guacamole (thanks to my boss's avo tree), roasted butternut squash, and some good beer. Is there anything better?

I would have to say that the best part of the meal was the squash. It's a lot of work to peel and dice a squash (and this was a small one, took about 20 min), but simply tossed with canola oil, salt, pepper, and a few cloves of whole garlic, roasted at 400F for as long as you like...heaven.

Sunday was a 1/2 work day, so dinner was an old standby of Sesame Cashew Noodles. Served with collard chips and salad.

The only other thing that I have to say (from tonight's dinner) is: mustard greens. Yuck. Tried them for the 2nd time tonight (last time was last year). We don't care for them. Chili was good though.

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