Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apple Waldorf Salad

I found this recipe here while perusing the blogs one day. I love apples. And it's still the season where you can get them at the farmer's market without them being mealy. On top of buying my 3 lbs at the farmer's market, we've been getting 1.5 lbs from the CSA. So, we are full of apples right now.

I grew up on Waldorf Salad. What I liked about my mom's was the dates. That made it special. I've never been much of a fan of the grapes or the celery. Maybe the watery-ness? So, because I didn't have them, I left them out.

This is tasty, and it's really interesting how chia seeds really make a gel when they soak. I'm pretty new to the whole chia phenomenon.

Apple Waldorf Salad (adapted from Foods for Long Life).
3 small apples, diced (unpeeled): 1.33 (I only eat organic apples)
5 dates, diced: 0.15
1/3 cup dried sweetened cranberries: 0.50
1/4 cup walnuts: 0.31

2 tsp chia seeds: 0.13
1/4 cup water
juice of 1/2 lemon: 0.15
1 Tbsp apple juice or cider: 0.05
1 Tbsp honey: 0.19

Total: $2.81 for 4 generous servings, or 6 smaller ones. $0.70 or less per serving.

Now, I didn't read the recipe properly before starting, so I'd already chopped the apples when I realized that I was supposed to soak the chia seeds for a few hours first.

So I tossed the apples and fruit with apple juice and lemon juice and put it in the fridge, so the apples wouldn't brown, and then made the chia gel. I added the honey to the gel and then stirred it in with the apples later. It worked just fine.

You can read all about the benefits of chia seeds here.

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