Thursday, June 12, 2008


Tonight's dinner was tacos. I used up the rest of the veggies from the CSA last week.

11 small corn tortillas: 0.55
taco filling:
1.5 carrots, diced: 0.33
bit-o-broccoli: 0.25
leftover corn-black beans-zucchini-onion-chicken from the freezer...? It's hard to say, this was leftover from the chicken enchiladas. I tossed what I didn't use in a freezer bag.
1/2 onion: 0.25
2 small summer squash: 0.50
4 oz leftover tri-tip: $1.03
1/3 cup salsa: 0.19
3 oz cheddar (the good stuff, that's all I had): 1.30

Total: $4.40for 11 small tacos, or 0.40 each. I had two, dh had three. Toddler had one. We're having the same tomorrow for lunch.
I served this with a salad. The only thing left from the CSA then was one carrot, a handful of radishes, and maybe a cup of lettuce.

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