Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Toaster Oven

Well, today our toaster oven died. I was toasting nuts for the salad, and I heard dh say "um, something's on fire", and we noticed that the heating element had broken.

So we went off to Sears to get a new one. Now, normally we're pretty good about looking for used things. School's out, so there are deals to be had. (We got a good mini-fridge for dh's office and push mower just this week from craigslist. We are looking for lawn furniture, a freezer, some shelving, and ??? a couple of other things I think.)

But we eat toast for breakfast pretty frequently, and I want toast tomorrow. It was $35, and since the last toaster oven (a gift to my dh from his grandparents) lasted 16.5 years, I really don't feel too bad about the expense (as long as this one lasts as long!) (Yes, we removed the plastic.)
There was also a big sale on a 3-pc luggage set. With the toddler, it is getting increasingly hard to travel with our old college-era duffel bags with no wheels, especially when you are lugging a carseat. So, for $30 we got a 3 piece red set. Two bags with wheels, one without. And luckily for me, I opened the outer two bags to check...the first one I picked up was missing the third bag.
Now if only all these airlines would stop charging for a checked bag...I think that if I have to pay a full-price fare for a 27-lb toddler, then I should get AT LEAST two free checked bags.

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