Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekly Meals

You know how things get when life is really crazy? Like, work, home are all stressful. Working like crazy, training for a triathlon, taking your child to swim lessons, hubby on a business trip, doing my physical therapy for my leg...yes, and after all that trying to cook healthy meals plus do the dishes.... pictures. No recipes. But I did cook! I am trying (quite unsuccessfully) to lose a couple of pounds without counting calories, but I am writing down all I eat to keep me honest and try to stick to a healthy diet. Plus, I found this notebook where I was doing that two years ago (for a few weeks), and I can see clearly where I gained those 5 lbs on vacation. And that I did really see 125-126 lbs back then.

I've been reading Eat for Health and after watching Dr. Fuhrman on a video on the 'net, I'm trying to eat the following: at least 4 fruits, one large salad (any raw veggies, not necessarily lettuce), one cup cooked vegetable (preferably green, but I am a "eat in season" girl, which he is most certainly not, so if it's cauliflower or yellow squash instead of broccoli, so be it), 1/2 cup cooked beans, 1 oz nuts (preferably raw). To his list, I've added at least 6 glasses water and a "MOVE" step, so I try to get some exercise in daily, even if it's a 20 min walk. He also mentions that you shouldn't eat until you are *truly* hungry. So being cranky and lightheaded isn't enough, you need to feel hunger in your throat and salivary glands. It's obvious the guy doesn't spend his day handling expensive wafers. Just sayin'. Because the few times I tried to delay lunch over the last year "just to finish one more thing" I dropped stuff and broke it. Not good.

Anyway, this makes it easy to post this list. So this is what we ate:

Breakfast was basically toast: either homemade or storebought bread. With almond butter, or tomatoes, or cheese.

All my fruits and nuts were snacks.

Friday: L: cashew cilantro pasta, mixed veggies
D: rice and beans with avocado, salsa, sour cream, cheese with carrot-raisin salad

Saturday: L: same as Friday's dinner
D: homemade pesto pizza, sauteed lemon shrimp, steamed broccoli

Sunday: L: tortilla filled with shrimp salad from leftover shrimp, another one with beans and tomato and corn
D: out, had scallops stir-fry over rice (ton of veggies)

Monday: L leftovers from Sunday dinner
D: salad with avocado, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, beans, corn and tomato salsa. And a veggie burger.

Tuesday (no hubby): L: out with the boss and some coworkers, turned into a complain-fest by one guy: portobello sandwich with red pepper, onion, lettuce, and fruit
D: salad with romaine, beans, corn and tomato salad, shrimp, and goddess dressing

Wednesday: L: vegetable soup from freezer, steamed broccoli
D: Nature's burger (from a mix), raw zucchini with goddess dressing

Thursday: L: leftover nature's burger, roasted cauliflower
D: massaged kale salad, black bean and cheese quesadillas

I've also noticed that my normal 1 glass of wine turned into 1.5 this week due to stress. Time to nip THAT in the bud. I generally do that by going cold turkey for a few days.

I've also notice that the thing that gets tired the most in my swims are my abs, probably because I stopped doing ab workouts. Hmm...


Amy B said...

Thanks for the suggestion regarding Dr.Fuhrman. I just googled his website. I appreciated his observation that it isn't the mix of macro-nutrients-fat, carbs and protein, we need to concentrate on balancing to lose weight, it's reducing the AMOUNT of macro-nutrients, because that overfeeding is what's making us fat. Basically, we should be eating more of the micro-nutrients, vegetables and fruits.
I hope I figure out how to eat one of these days! I enjoy reading your account of putting intentions into practice.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Sounds delicious!