Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tri training, physical therapy, and a 5k

Well, tri training is going well. My Sprint Tri (500m swim, 6 mi bike, 2 mi run) is in two weeks. And boy, has it been cold.

While the rest of the country is sweltering, So Cal has been cool and foggy. GREAT for running, NOT so great for swimming in the ocean. Rumor has it that the ocean is usually around 65-69 degrees right now. Nope, it's 59-60. And ROUGH! The last couple of weeks we've had 2 ft swells, and that makes it hard to swim, especially for a newbie. My abs get tired, and I have a hard time keeping form. I have a hard time going in one direction, and sighting slows me down. But hey, I'm swimming in the ocean.

Physical therapy is going well with my sciatic nerve pinch in my leg. I am strengthening my hips and glutes, and learning to run correctly - apparently I generally just use my leg, which causes stress on my hip, which means my performis? is constantly trying to contract, which pinches the sciatic nerve. OH, and I don't stretch enough. But I knew that. My run times aren't getting any worse (but I'm sure I can't go run 8 miles anymore, also, my abs get tired running the "correct" way - like "run like you are running away from something").

Today I ran a 5k. I mentioned it to Kalli, as she and Bill we looking for a race to run. This race was *very* casual, which is why I like it. I generally finish middle-of-the-pack on my runs, and this one I came in 4th. Again. Where I came in 2 years ago. In fact, if I hadn't mentioned it to Kalli (who came in 3rd) and another friend Becky (who came in 2nd), I could have placed!! Ah well. I would have won if I'd been running in the 20-24 age group. :) Official time: 27:27. Which is why I like this race. Makes me feel fast. And there's ice cream at the end.

Bill won his age group! (and came in 3rd overall). He finished in 18-something. AWESOME.

Time to go shower. Part of dinner's in the crockpot, friends are coming over for dinner. Need to clean up the house a bit too.

NEXT Friday is a wine-tasting benefit for Heal The Ocean. My tri team is sponsoring it. For $50, lots of great wine-tasting and food sampling in the downtown wineries. I'll be there. Join me if you are local!

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Anonymous said...

I've actually been reading about your weather and actually was jealous of your cool temps - except the Ocean swimming scares me - the one and only tri I did, the swim was in a man made lake - much easier!