Sunday, August 29, 2010

Crockpot beef bourguignon and braised summer vegetables

I used the vegetable recipe here. I was a little concerned about braising the green beans (used frozen), and having them be gray and not bright green. Which is what happened. But it still tasted pretty good, with lots of leftovers.

For the beef, I winged it. I just threw a bunch of stuff in the crockpot based on a couple of recipes.

Crockpot beef bourguignon:
<3 lb tri-tip: $16. You can eat the CAFO stuff if you like. I'm paying for grass fed now. Keeps me from eating too much beef too.
2 small onions: 0.50
2 8-oz pkgs cremini mushrooms, sliced: $3.38
1.5 cups red wine: 0 from my birthday party (gift)
1 T canola oil: 0.04
2 cloves garlic: 0.10
3 T flour: 0.01
salt and pepper to taste
1.5 tsp thyme: 0.05
1 bay leaf: 0.02

Total: $20.10 for ... at least 10 servings. Depends on how much you eat. I put the leftovers in the freezer for next weekend. $2.01 per serving

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HEAB said...

CD will love this!
Thanks Marcia. :)