Monday, January 18, 2010

Yoga, and Home Workout Tapes

Let's just say it: I'm a gym rat.

There's something about exercising in a group that works for me. Starting with 6 am PT in Navy ROTC in college, and continuing to this day.

When I lived in DC, I belonged to a gym. I would do step classes at lunch, sometimes lift after work. I would play volleyball there and at another Sportsplex nearby (often 3-4 days a week, in around my work/school schedule).

When I moved to California, I continued with the gym. First Gold's then Spectrum, now 24-hour Fitness.

At my various gyms, I've shied away from yoga, pilates, and spinning. Mostly because at many of the gyms they were "extra" on top of your regular membership - either an extra monthly fee or per class. I eventually got into spinning (I still miss my old gym - Libby was my fave spin instructor and Gina my fave step instructor) - when it became part of the membership.

As for yoga - it's always been hard to incorporate it into my daily life. My company did a little yoga "retreat" for an afternoon, and I was hooked. I bought a series of classes for $10 each (a bargain for yoga). Due to schedules, I am only able to make it 2x a month. I'd like to be able to go 2x a week (or at least 1x a week). But it just isn't going to work out.

I've always liked the IDEA of home workouts, of course. They're frugal. No monthly fee. Living in So Cal, I've ridden by bike to work (used to walk to work in DC). I enjoy running and walking. Truthfully, you can get all the exercise you need without a gym membership. Round it out with a few home videos, some weights, and you are SET. But I like that group thing - I won't be canceling my gym membership. Plus, my workout time is at 5:30 am. It's too dark out to run or walk.

What I've found recently is that getting into a regular home workout groove can give you flexibility and POWER. You see, life gets in the way of exercise. When your boss makes you come in to work 1/2 hour earlier a day. When it gets to be winter and too dark to safely bike to work. Or when you are forecast for a straight week's worth of rain which will completely interfere with any thought of walking or running on your lunch break. Or when your spouse travels for a week.

Enter the home video. Weight equipment. Circuit training "Hot Bod in a Box". I've recently started using a yoga DVD that I received for Christmas. It is kicking my butt. AND it's giving me power. No more do I have to settle for only 4 workout days a week. At 5:30 am 2x a week, my spouse is at the gym, my kid is still sleeping. And I'm becoming one with Bob and some of the Biggest Losers.

So, what say you about home DVDs? Maybe I'll dig out those freecycle-received Tae Bo workouts soon too.

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I am not into DVD's but I do love and