Friday, April 6, 2012

On the Menu: spaghetti, meatballs, rice, lentils

I didn't have much in the way of leftovers from this weekend.  I was sick as a dog all weekend, and am still recovering.  I did get my wonderful husband to make meatballs from meat I bought at the farmer's market.  $7 a pound, but happy cows and so delicious.  It's a treat in our household.  The crushed red pepper made them a little too spicy for our son.  Every once in awhile you'd get a spicy bite.

I put them on top of skillet spaghetti and we had sauteed broccoli raab on the side.  The finished product: (my son's plate).

Spaghetti was definitely on the menu this week, as I also made cashew sesame noodles, to use up the cilantro we got from the CSA.  Love those noodles.  Still eating them for lunch.  And easy.  Boil pasta, make the sauce in the blender.  Toss.

Other nights were definitely meant to be easy.  I could have made them easier.  I made rice and lentils.  The lentils were from a pouch "Tasty Bite" Madras lentils.  The rice was just white rice in the rice cooker, but my son complains that he doesn't like rice.  He does, really.  But he likes "orange rice" (spanish/mexican rice at restaurants).  So I made the rice then sauteed it in a pan with onion, tomatoes (for the red), turmeric (for the yellow - makes orange!), and cumin, pepper, and oregano.

I topped this with avocado, and then made kale chips on the side.  My husband was LATE (he made our Costco run) and I had to do them myself this time.  They weren't bad!

Up tonight is leftovers, more kale chips, and some soup from the freezer (potato spinach).

Up this weekend is cook a ham on Saturday...the one day a year I cook a ham, and prep for the week.  Doin' the single parent thing next week, hubby is on a business trip.


Kalli said...

i am so sorry you have been under the weather lately marcia. BUT as always your food looks great. nice balance of fun and health. i bet the meatballs tasted great with the hot pepper :) enjoy your weekend. BTW how many weeks along are you?

Marcia said...

27 weeks...13 more to go!

Joanne said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick! Hope this week is better!! It sounds like you've been eating well even under these not-so-ideal circumstances!