Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Grocery Round up

Well folks, the total is in:

2014 Grocery expenditures: $10,261
2015 Grocery expenditures: $5706

Savings: $4555

In 2014, I was predominantly focused on losing baby weight.  And I did.  26 pounds of it.
In 2015, I was focused on saving money.  And I did.  But I still lost 10 pounds.

My year end weight is around 132 pounds (honestly I did not get on the scale yesterday!)  So in two years that is 36 pounds down.

What did I do?
In 2014, I did mostly 21-Day Fix to lose the weight, with a little bit of Chris Powell's Choose to Lose
In 2015, I did a LOT of food prep.  I started shopping at the 99 cent only store for discount produce (they even sometimes have organics!)

Goals for 2016:
Maintain the weight loss and keep exercising!
Keep the same grocery budget, give or take.  Let's just set a goal of $6000, because the boys are growing.


Randi said...

I only buy organic produce at the 99 cents only store too( I'm in Socal). I bought some organic earthbound farms romaine salad in a bag there and it smells so gross. Like full of preservatives. I am done buying bagged salad, even if it is organic.

Marcia said...

Yes, I saw the Earthbound Farms Organic spring mix last week. I did not buy it though.

I don't buy bagged salad mixes at all anymore, though I will buy Romaine heads.

I know bagged salad does have some sort of chemical preservative on it. I suspect that it doesn't agree with me. In my quest to be healthy, I have, several times, eaten a salad at a restaurant.

I think some of them use bagged salads, and they make me sick. I am very leery of buying the bagged mixes.

Rose Maria said...

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