Sunday, January 17, 2016

What we ate this week

Welcome to my list: what we ate this week. Where I attempt to remember what we had to eat for dinner and some lunches during the week.  Because I don't write stuff down.

What we ate this week:
Saturday dinner: potato and kale soup, homemade rosemary bread
Sunday breakfast: smoothie, ½ bagel.  Bread, cereal, applesauce.
Sunday lunch: canned salmon salad (me), lettuce with homemade vinaigrette. PB&J (hubs), smoothie (kid), bagel (other kid)
Sunday snacks: cashews, chocolate, orange, homemade bread, wine
Sunday dinner: pinto bean, corn, and pepper enchilada casserole, carrots and cucumber
Monday dinner: more enchiladas!
Tuesday dinner: veggie burgers and ??? I don't remember what the boys ate
Wednesday dinner: frozen pizza
Thursday dinner: crockpot chicken with Island soyaki sauce, broccoli, cashews and rice
Friday dinner: leftover chicken with peas and carrots

Saturday lunch: ham sandwiches, celery, raspberries, apple, tortilla chips

Other random lunches:
Leftover soup
Costco samples (on salad day, I was still hungry!)
Bean tacos

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