Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Family Fun on a Budget

We aren't really big Easter people.  Some years, my MIL will send a basket.  Some years, my husband will make a basket.  This year, we did neither.

Yesterday we went to the Easter egg hunt at the park up the hill.  Parking is $5 and many of our friends went.  They divide it up by age group.  Because we live 0.5 miles away, we walked, so we saved the parking fee.  We only spent $1 on some cotton candy.  Our son found 10 eggs.

Easter egg hunts are very popular at the 5+ age group.  Two years ago, we were camping in Joshua Tree with the neighbors.  My husband hid plastic eggs Easter morning and the 3 kids had a BLAST searching for them.  We hid and found them 15 times that morning.  Of course, sometimes they were hidden in pokey bushes and it was hard to retrieve them.  We followed this up by hiding them at home a bunch of times too.  So it's an Easter tradition to hide eggs.  (On a side note?  Right now my 7 year old is standing behind me reading my post!)

The 8.5 month old likes chasing them around too.

This was a budget year for Easter.  I did buy a little bit of candy, but not too much.

We dyed easter eggs:
18 eggs: $2.69
1 Paas dye kit: $1.99
Total: $4.68

We also hid plastic eggs (we are using the same eggs we've had for 4 years, plus the ones he found yesterday at the egg hunt).  I think we have 20.  We hid 19.
Plastic eggs: $0
Money to put in the eggs: $2.50 ($1 for the golden egg, plus 6 quarters)
Candy for the rest of the eggs (12 pieces): $2.50
Total: $5 (only because I bought a whole bag of candy.  Probably could have bought it in bulk for cheaper).
My friend Sarah uses the plastic eggs to make a treasure hunt that leads them to their baskets.  That's a pretty cool idea too.


Biz said...

You did do Easter on a budget - good for you!

Yep, I miss having little kids for Easter egg hunts - I haven't dyed eggs for years!

Happy April! :D

Joanne said...

I do miss dying eggs and easter hunts! It makes me want to have kids ASAP :P