Saturday, March 16, 2013

Birthday party prep!

Well, it's been a long-ass week.  The baby is teething like crazy and the big boy turned 7!  So it was a shitty week of sleep (3 nights of basically no sleep because of teething), then two days of plugged milk ducts (because the only way I could get the baby to sleep was to nurse him) = a really awful week.  On top of that the big boy had a sore throat the night before his birthday and has been tired and cranky all week.

So what is my cooking prep this week?  Nothing!  Seriously.  I walked a breast cancer walk this morning with the baby in the stroller.  We are going to be baking cupcakes for the 7 year old's birthday party tomorrow.  Tonight we are at a different birthday party (husband did the shopping while I was walking with the baby).  We tend to overdo it on food.  We've ordered sandwiches, but husband also got snacks and veggies. The party is at the YMCA - simple, because it's an hour in the pool, an hour in the kids' gym, and an out in the party room.  But it's not frugal unless you are comparing it to some crazy-ass stuff.  Pretty much any party around here is going to set you back 200 bucks minimum.

Anyway, I'll be lucky to get any prep work for the week done at all.  I figure there will be leftovers tomorrow, so I won't need to cook either night.  But I still will have to figure out what to do with the greens, turnips, carrots, etc from the CSA.  I'll have to wing it I guess.

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