Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another beautiful weekend

Don't hate me, it was in the 80s this weekend.

I'm really getting into this whole "weekend cooking prep" thing.  However, I'm not really getting into the "taking pictures of my food" thing.  Not that my photos were any great shakes when I did remember.  We've been busy child-proofing, since the baby can now get places pretty fast with his army crawl.  Bedroom and bathroom doors stay closed, need to pull out the baby gates.

We even went out for our first real family dinner out.  It was fun!  We'd been at the park and I didn't feel like making my preplanned dinner.  However, we barely survived the aftermath.  Baby was up too late, his meal times were off...he woke at 12:30 am.  Then I was up for 1.5 hours afterwards (he wasn't, I just have insomnia...)  And he woke again at 5 am.  So...a 3 hour stretch of sleep...not so good. Ah well, I'll survive. 

We ate at California Pizza Kitchen.  I have a love affair with their Moroccan Chicken Salad.  And hummus.  I'm striving to eat more Mediterranean these days...with the recent heart disease results.  I have a great cookbook (written by a friend of mine). 

Thus, this week's menu does resemble Mediterranean...trying to get more fish.

Tilapia with lemon and olive oil and capers
Roasted vegetables (onion, fennel, asparagus, beets, romanesco)
Mediterranean chickpeas and rice
Hummus and carrots

That's about it.  I'm sure I'll be thoroughly sick of all of it by the weekend!

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