Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kale and Quinoa salad

A friend brought this salad to a meeting, and it was SOO good I had to make it.  I adjusted it the same way she had (lemon juice/zest instead of preserved lemons, almonds, and a different type of vinegar).  It was really good.  Not quite as good as hers, but still really good.  I hope to make this often.  Usually, I just make kale chips (they are in the oven right now!!)

We had this one night with baked lemon chicken that was cooked on a bed of vegetables.

Then I found this recipe for almond raspberry coffee cake in the latest Taste of Home magazine.  It was actually a recipe in an advertisement, not the actual magazine.  But I made it and it was yummy!  Husband liked it.

Tomorrow is Easter!  We'll be cooking up a ham.  We enjoyed some time this week (it was Spring Break) at Knott's Berry Farm.  Sadly, Los Angeles traffic SUX and we spent 3 hours getting there and 4 hours getting back for a 2 hour drive. Blech.

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