Sunday, April 7, 2013

You Can Put Anything in a Taco

So, guess what week it was??  Yes!  Husband traveling week.  Easter was chill- back in our pre-kid days, we would have big holiday dinners (particularly Thanksgiving, but also Christmas and occasionally Easter) and invite over friends.  There always seemed to be a group of 20-something or early 30-something people with nothing to do.

Fast forward, and we're too tired for that.  And we're not in our 30's anymore.  And everyone has kids or their own plans.

So I bought a ham on sale and we cooked it.  I didn't make a mass of sides, either.  I bought some day-old rolls at the store and made a salad.  I think. It was a week ago.  It was probably a salad.

Then husband abandoned me for a few days with the boys.  I decided to make tacos with the leftover ham.

The filling here is sauteed onion, diced ham, and some frozen chopped spinach.  A little cheese.  I topped it with Greek yogurt because our sour cream was old.  It was still good.

We even had tacos this weekend too.  Great, and really easy recipe from my neighbor.

In a crockpot:
Tri tip roast
Pour over a jar of salsa
Add some black beans (I used one can, probably would do 2 next time)
Cook all day on low

Very easy for this mama!


Biz said...

Um, I agree Marcia - anything goes in a taco! Back before I was married, I almost always used leftovers at the end of the week for quesadillas - mixed with cheese my daughter never questioned what else was in there!

Hope you are having a great week!

Marcia said...

by the way, I would buy your salsa!!