Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pork sliders and kale chips

I love kale chips.  You know it.  Had them for dinner today.

Busy weekend with a trip to the zoo - as we left they were setting up for Zoo Brew.  Lots of youngun's with pretzel necklaces and beer cups.

Today we took a trip up north to pick blueberries.  I wanted to go before I was too close and going to risk early labor.  We picked 6 lbs of blueberries, got 4 bottles of wine (I am a member at a winery, and it turns out I've missed 2 pickups in December and March...gee, wonder why?), and came home with a really sore back.

Then I did some work.  I worked quite a bit on Saturday...we bought a docking station for our laptops and large screen.  We canceled cable TV and upgraded our internet to faster.  It's great that I can work from home more easily...and it's bad that I can work from home more easily.  But today the network at work was slow, and it was an exercise in frustration, so I gave up early.

We've been busy washing and freezing blueberries for later this summer.  For dinner, I winged it.  I bought some small King's Hawaiian rolls from the discount rack at the grocery store.  I defrosted some pork loin and some enchilada sauce from the freezer.  I made up a concoction of the pork, black beans, onions, zucchini, enchilada sauce, and peach/mango salsa (to sweeten it up).  Served on the rolls with some avocado.  Quite delicious for just making stuff up.

As I was looking for the enchilada sauce in the freezer, I found a container labeled October 2010.  It had ice crystals.  I tossed that, along with some frozen persimmon that was probably from the same year.  Gotta do better at keeping up with the random freezer stuff.


Biz said...

I am the worst of having things die in my deep freeze - we were without power for days last summer and I lost everything I had - and vowed to keep up with the frozen stuff.

Don't you love when you wing a dinner and it turns out great?!

Kalli said...

wine, blueberries and this fabulous dinner? invite me over!!!!

Lili@creativesavv said...

Do you make your own kale chips? I've been wanting to try making them. Kale is one of the few reliable veggies in my garden each year (and it comes back in early spring for an early harvest, which is a bonus!) The dinner looks delish!

Marcia said...

I do make my own kale chips.
toss with olive oil.
375F for 7 min
5 more min
toss with salt