Friday, June 1, 2012

Mix and Match

I just wanted to let you know that I *have* been cooking, just not posting.  The 3 day weekend had GORGEOUS weather.  We grilled a couple of times, despite the fact that Memorial Day weekend is the WORST weekend for my husband to be outside (allergies).

Saturday, we had friends over.  This is new.  I love to socialize with my buddies, but man, I've been so tired lately and it seems overwhelming.  So, do I have one big party with 10 couples and get it all out of the way?  Do I have people over one couple at a time, but do it more often?  Or do I just pass out early on Saturday and Sunday nights?  I'll take door #3.  Actually, it was a pleasant and easy evening.  We grilled sausage, I made a salad with a ginger-garlic dressing, and we steamed corn on the cob.

We also attended a kid's birthday party at a park.  PERFECT weather.  Kids got to play, I did my standard - I end up eating PB&J made for the kids at these parties because of the "pregnant women can't eat deli meat" thing (listeria).  I tell ya, the first lunch after I give birth, I'm sending my hubby to South Coast Deli for a South Coast Turkey sandwich.

Sunday night we grilled burgers (beef from Rancho San Julian - so good!) and had leftovers for Monday also.  Monday morning we went out to breakfast so the cleaning people could work in peace.  We used our Axxess discount book. What I'm discovering is - I'm learning MORE where not to go to eat.  I'm also discovering (by reading the book) restaurants that we really like and haven't used our discount yet.  Silly us.  We moved on to I Madonnari to see the chalk paintings, then spent the afternoon at the beach with friends, where my son got a bloody foot (poor baby) and I got a ton of tar on mine (my hubby got to work at it with canola oil when I got home).

After the weekend, the meals were a mix and match of leftovers and veggies.  I was so low on veggies by Thursday.  Wednesday night I made a pasta sauce with fava beans, fennel, onion, white beans, leftover bruschetta, and some cherry tomatoes from our plant out front.  It came out thick, like hummus.  For lunch the next day, I mixed it with leftover crockpot beef from the freezer a few weeks ago.  And for dinner, I took that concoction and added steamed chopped chard (topped with avocado).  I sauteed the stems with onion and potatoes for the side.  Here it is in all its ugly glory:

Tonight we're going to hear a coworker's band play at a local downtown winery, which I would enjoy a lot more if I weren't pregnant.  Still, should be fun.

Next week is shaping up to be a busy one, since it's the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL.  There are kindergarten graduation (need to make muffins), doctor's appointment, end-of-year party, and then Friday there is no school, so hubby and I are splitting the day at home.

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Joanne said...

SOunds like you've been having a busy few weekends! I'd almost always rather lay in bed than socialize but sometimes it does feel good to get out there and mingle. :P