Friday, July 29, 2011

Silly Little Goals

Earlier this summer, when Biz started her summer fitness "101 days of summer" challenge, I thought about signing up.  Really I did.  But with full time job, kid, husband who travels...I decided to pass.

But I secretly had a goal.

It all starts in January.  My niece started a group called "Club 365".  The goal: we would aim to get 365 miles of exercise in this year.  I know that's only a mile a day.  Well, for some people the goal was probably to work out 365 days (depends on your level!)  I jumped into that head first and kept on going.  The group has petered out a bit.  There appear to  be only 8 people of the original 50 still tracking their miles.  And to give my niece credit, she's pretty pregnant now.

It did not require "running" or "walking".  There are basic running and walking miles, and a conversion for other activities.  I basically consider approximately 10 minutes of any kind of cardio to be a mile.  So my 45 min bike ride to work?  4 miles.  An 800 - 1000 yd swim?  3 to 3.5 miles.

So in June, I made a goal to hit 90 miles.  That's 3 miles a day.  Until that month, I had gotten from 55 to 80 miles.  Well, I didn't even come close - only 72 miles.  Partly because that included a week in Arizona.  And it was hot.

Well, it's July, and I decided to try again.  This month, triathlon training helps, as Saturdays I easily get in 7 miles or so, so I can afford to skip a day.  And I made it!  What's even better, I SMASHED it!

Already, with still two days to go (one of which a Saturday), I passed 100 miles this morning with my little Level 1 of 30 day shred (which I count as 2 miles, by the way).  Yay for me!

Now it's off to shower.


Joanne said...

Whoa! Super cool! Mega congrats, that is quite a feat!

Anonymous said...

i love this goal! what a fun way to encourage you to gt in the miles........