Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Ocean Swim of the Season

Today was the first ocean swim of my triathlon training this season.  Some observations:

1.  I've gained at least 10 lbs since last year.  I can feel it in the wetsuit.  But I can at least still zip it up.
2.  The ocean is 5-6 degrees warmer than it ever got last year. Last year?  Never above 60.  This year?  65.  You wouldn't think it would make that much of a difference, but it does.  My feet froze like crazy last year, and today, they never got numb.
3.  I am much more comfortable in the water.  I am swimming with the "intermediate" group, not the beginner group.  But I am still slow, so I tend to be the last person out of the water.  Apparently, I'm a LITTLE bit faster though.  Somebody ran into me, then passed me, then proceeded to zig zag in front of me and stop in front of me.  Until I decided to stop and bob awhile and let her get ahead.  On the last round, I was way in the back and had my own personal lifeguard in a kayak.  I got some good swim tips from him though.  "You are putting your arm in flat, try to go in at an angle so you immediately get forward momentum."  Good stuff.
4.  The ocean does wonderful things to my hair.  Nice and soft.
5.  The beach does awful things to my feet.  Case in point: (you should see my socks...trashed!)

Yes, we have naturally occurring tar on our shores.  Peanut butter takes care of it.  I feel kinda sorry for the cleaning lady on Monday though.

Summary for the day:
1100 yd ocean swim
12 mile bike ride (I'm a little saddle sore).

I was very excited about all of the ocean swim and workout options this week...then I remembered that I'm going on a business trip so...can't do any of it.  Ah well, next week!


Anonymous said...

what a great workout! i am so impressed that you are swimming in the ocean-good for you! so glad the water temp is a bit better this year. we have tar too and yes it gets everywhere-hate it. so sorry you have to travel next week sucks!

sophia said...

Owww...what happened to your feet? I think you're awesome for swimming in the nature though...I'm a wimp and my skin totally breaks out into painful and itchy hives when I'm in the ocean water.