Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am a WINNER!

I won a giveaway at Love Veggies and Yoga last week.  A great little collection of natural personal care items...They came in the mail today!
Tom's Deodorant (Tom's business started in 1970, a great year)
Tom's toothpaste
Tom's bar soap
Badger after sun balm (I am religious about sunscreen, but things do happen)
Dr.  Hauschka Melissa day cream which should reduce the appearance of blemishes.  I need that!

And coupons for FREE Stonyfield farms frozen yogurt on a stick!  Can't wait to try these out.  Also coupons for free juice.

Thank you Averie!


Biz said...

Winner, winner lobster dinner - woot! Congrats!

Joanne said...

Aww congrats! That sounds like an awesome prize package!

Anonymous said...

lucky! i love when i win blog giveaways but i have not won one in a while.....enjoy your stuff! how fun :)