Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CSA Haul!

Last week on on the thin side, this week was NOT!

1 basket strawberries
4 plums
3 avocados
1 head romaine
0.3 lbs lettuce mix
2 cucumbers
1 lb zucchini
1 bunch onions
1 bunch fava greens
2 lbs tomatoes

Looking forward to chopping and eating lots of salad!  I think I'm going to have an open-faced egg and tomato sandwich for breakfast.


Joanne said...

What an awesome haul! I'd kill for some favas and tomatoes. All good stuff!

we're finally starting to get less than four heads of lettuce in a box, so I'm super happy!

Marcia said...

Ah, I remember the year of the lettuce. 3 to 4 heads every week... the last couple of weeks have been cucumber and zucchini heavy.

Anonymous said...

so lucky to get all this loot! i have got to join a CSA!

Biz said...

Wow - that's some good CSA loot!

Hope you have a great weekend!