Monday, January 26, 2009

January's tally

But wait, you say - it's only the 26th! Yep, but I've spent all my January budget. Last $5 went on applesauce, of all things. This means: boo, I can't go grocery shopping until Sunday, and Yay! I can't go grocery shopping until Sunday! (Fewer receipts to enter.)

Jan 1-9: $37.50
Jan 10-16: $36.29
Jan 17-23: $40.29
Jan 24-31 (hopefully): $45.69

Monthly total: $159.77

Leaving me $0.23 to put in the "extra" envelope to save for...whatever $0.23 will buy.

It shouldn't be too hard to stay out of the stores this week. My weekly lunch and dinner plans include leftovers, leftovers, and more leftovers. I'm not kidding. Leftover pasta bake, leftover Indian food (homemade), leftover split pea soup (from the freezer), leftover Thanksgiving turkey (from the freezer).

It will look something like this:

Mon: L: pasta bake. D: Indian food with brussel sprouts
Tue: L: pasta bake. D: split pea soup with roasted beets and potatoes (I bought a 10lb bag, 8.5 lbs to go)
Wed: L: pasta bake. D: turkey, mashed potatoes (yep, again), gravy, sauteed yakuna savoy
Thu: L: split pea soup. D: leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, and whatever vegetable is laying around that day (it's CSA day). Maybe spinach salad.
Fri: Yeah, we'll have to see what kinds of leftovers are still leftover at this point. Probably still two more servings of pasta and two more servings of soup. We'll just call it "smorgasbord" day.
Sat: Roasted acorn squash, potatoes, and salmon patties.

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Jennifer said...

hey now them $.23 add up! Before you know it you'll have a whole dollar! lol-sounds like us when we go over (or almost over) budget!