Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yesterday, boy did I crave hamburgers. I wanted nothing more than a burger and fries. And I fought the urge all day long. It has been ungodly hot all weekend, upper 80's to 94. I did not want to cook.

Luckily, yesterday we were able to have a good salad for dinner, with leftover couscous and some homemade hummus (I'd cooked the chickpeas for the couscous salad).

Today's big plan was pizza. But boy, I did not feel like turning on the oven, or standing over the hot stove making a sauce, or even tossing in the dough ingredients into the bread machine (did I mention I have a cold?) I dug through the Axxess book (discount card we have) to see what pizza options there were.

Then I did the grocery shopping...went to Ralph's, noticed that they had pasta sauce for $1 a jar AND their discount bread rack had large soft dinner rolls.

Voila! Mini-pizzas, small enough to fit in the toaster oven. I added a salad with red butter lettuce, strawberries, avocado (the last free one :( ), radish, and olives in a balsamic vinaigrette. Good dinner with not so much fuss. And I also had a "chikn patty" from morningstar farms...on sale today and I had a coupon.

Mini pizzas:
2 rolls (0.43)
1/4 jar sauce (0.25)
2 oz mozzarella cheese (0.38)
olives (0.38)
sun-dried tomato (0.30)

Total: 1.74 for four mini-pizzas. One serving is 2 halves, so about $0.87 each. Way cheaper than even ordering "buy one get one free" from the pizza place.

As usual, I can't estimate the cost of the salad, since it comes from our CSA ($20/wk).

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