Friday, May 2, 2008

Good deals of the week

Well, my master plan (new) is to spend $50 a week. I have spent all but $2 for this week. I need to buy a few more items. So I guess my new plan will be to get cash on Friday at lunch, and have the next week start officially then. It's simply easier for me to do some shopping on Friday afternoons than to wait until Saturday morning "just because".

This weekend we are making a couple of pans of for friends with a new baby. I found a good deal on cheese, and it saved me a trip to Costco: Yesterday's trip:

$5.00: 3 pkgs of 6-pk applesauce cups (18 4-oz cups)
$2.00: two 24-oz applesauce (2 for $3, with a $1 off coupon)
(applesauce is important when you have a toddler!)
$3.08: 1/2 lb deli ham and 1/2 lb turkey($3/lb, this was part of an amazing 8 hr sale, we rarely buy this)
$3.49: 32 oz cottage cheese (for the lasagna)
$2.49: lemon cookies (not on sale, just a treat for dh)
$3.00: two 8-oz packages of mozzarella
$19.06 total

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