Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekly Plan and What I'm Using UP

Saturday was a good day for free food.  We went to a birthday party at the zoo.  There was too much food.  The party-throwers were prepared with Ziploc bags and tupperware and send people home with food.  At times in the past, I would have felt weird about taking food from a casual friend's party.  Once you have a kid's party and are left with sandwiches for 20, you get over that.  So we came home with small sandwiches, melon, raw vegetables, and cheese.  The sandwiches will be gone by lunch time, the melon will be great for snacking, the vegetables are destined for a stir-fry and the cheese will end up somewhere I am sure.  A lot of different places likely.
Saturday's lunch was the last of the CSA lettuces, canned beets, blue cheese, sliced turkey, toasted walnuts, CSA pomegranate seeds, and an avocado from my boss's tree.

Sunday's cooking involved making chili using some of the 10 lb bag of pinto beans I had in the pantry, plus bison sausage and tri tip from the freezer.  From the CSA: red bell peppers.  From the freezer: mixed bell peppers and roasted anaheim and poblanos (that I roasted from the CSA).  From the pantry: canned diced tomatoes.  They go on sale at Costco. I love that.  I go crazy.  But I don't use very many of them in the summer.  They are going on sale again for B1G1F.  Should I add to my stockpile??  Hm...

After being treated so wonderfully by that lasagna on Friday, I asked my husband if we could switch schedules 2 days a week.  Now, that wasn't the reason - I'd been thinking about it already.  But leaving work early every day to rush and pick up the kids, rush home, cook dinner (when you really just want to hang out with your kid) is very stressful, and I do it 5 days a week.  I found the biggest relaxation of Friday to be that I could leave work at 6:15.  I had plenty of time to figure out what my guys needed to do over the weekend and plan projects.  My employees all work nights, so leaving early can be hard.  He wasn't too keen on it but agreed to give it a try.  That could possibly give me two days where I don't have to cook and don't have to rush.
Other planned meals include said stir-fry, carrot-ginger soup, and salmon.


j. said...

There's no such thing as too many tomatoes. You should totally buy more.

Also, the chili looks good, and the free avocados, too.

Joanne said...

I say stock up! I'm always running to the store for tomatoes...the sues for them are endless!