Sunday, October 9, 2011

I feel so spoiled

So, this Friday was a little different than most.  My husband decided to take 1/2 day off to hang out with our son after kindergarten (we are trying to do this more often).  I told him Thursday night "You are responsible for dinner."  Now, I wasn't specific.  But grilled cheese sandwiches or ordering in would have been fine with me.
I used the opportunity to work a little bit late - I find it incredibly stressful to rush out of the office early every day, then pick up the kids, go home, and cook dinner.  Actually having the time to plan out my work and the work of my employees is sometimes a luxury.

In any event, I got home and I smelled...lasagna.  Lasagna is my husband's specialty.  He took our son grocery shopping, and actually made two trays.  He gave one to our neighbors, and they traded us some homemade rolls (my son ate 3 rolls).

On TOP of that, he did a really good job using up items in our fridge and pantry (which isn't normally how he cooks).  He used some of our onions, all of the cherry tomatoes (I have SUCH a hard time using these up), some red bell peppers, and carrots.  He also added the last of the grass fed beef and some bison sausage.  I was SO impressed and it was crazy delicious.  I ate WAY too much.

So that's what we'll be eating for dinner tonight too.  I think my "use it up" for the weekend will be to use the found tri-tip and more sausage and some dried beans and canned tomatoes and frozen peppers (mild and hot) to make chili.

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Kalli said...

i agree! i find it so stressful too to run out of work and get home and feel rushed to cook. what a great surprise dinner :)