Sunday, October 30, 2011

I didn't really cook this weekend.

Monday, I started feeling somewhat sick.  Chills all day, so I went to bed early.  Then I started sweating at night.  I then had a sore throat most of the week.  But just the hint of one.  I figured, this isn't so bad.

But of course the weekend hits and I go down hard. 

I made it through Friday night's YMCA Halloween party just fine.  But there was a long line for food, and about 30 minutes into it, we ditched it to get burritos.
Saturday was my son's school's Fall Festival.  I volunteered for food prep.  Which I figured was a bad idea since I was sick.  So I made my husband go instead.  I ended up working a booth for 45 mins, chasing tennis balls and picking up milk bottles.  In the 80C heat, wearing jeans, with no water.  Then my replacement did not show up. So my neighbor and friend wandered around and begged people to take over for me.  Then I got food and water and felt much better.

The kiddo caught my cold, and he fell asleep on my lap during a drum performance.

I spent  much of the night coughing.  Spouse was smart and slept on the sofabed.  Kid crawled into his spot.  Where the two of us proceeded to cough on and off during the night.  I have been suffering from insomnia a lot lately, and was up for 2 hours in the night.  I did get to sleep in until 7 am though.

On to Sunday.  I have probably been drinking gallons of hot tea and orange juice from our tree that I defrosted.  I had a little boat trip scheduled with my triathlon team.  We didn't feel like passing our sick child onto our friends, so I went alone and spouse stayed home.
Being a good wife/mom, I did make split pea soup before I left.  Spouse burned it on reheating (it's really easy to now it tastes...smoky.)  I ate on the boat, chicken, rice, beans, and tortillas.  And a couple of sodas (HFCS, ugh), but wasn't feeling like alcohol with a cold.

But that's all I've cooked this weekend.  And tomorrow is a potluck at the neighbor's before trick or treating.  We'll be taking salad.


sophia said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry, Marcia. It sucks to be sick. I hope you feel better soon. Lots of "chicken soup" hugs to you!

Kalli said...

i hope you are feeling better now!

Joanne said...

Oh I'm so sorry! Getting sick really stinks. I hope you feel back to your old self soon!

Marcia said...

still sick. ugh. and single parenting it too!