Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm while on vacation.

In case you've wondered why not very many new's the deal. I was on vacation for two weeks, visiting family. And I know better than to post it on Facebook or on the internet.

I'm going to discuss fitness while on vacation. I could discuss diet while on vacation. But really, I gained 4 or 5 lbs, so I'm probably not the best person to discuss it. I did a pretty good job of mostly avoiding sweets. But I still ate too much on this trip. And of course, the salt that you end up with from "travel food" doesn't help either. Hopefully by Tuesday I'll be less bloated.

But exercise, that I can discuss. I like to have vacations that are active. And even though I like to relax on vacay, I find that if I don't schedule my workouts, it doesn't happen. Easy options if you don't have access to a gym (and I didn't) are running, walking, biking, videos - I took DVDs, but never used them. Swimming, frisbee, hiking, surfing.

So here's a summary of what I accomplished on my 2 week journey through the states of PA and NY:

Friday 6/4: walked 4 miles. This was a workday, but we drove to LAX after work.
Saturday: 20 min walk/run in the hotel plus 15 mins of weightlifting, before getting on the plane.
Sunday: 25 min yoga podcast from (thanks to fitnessista for leading me to them!). You see, we arrived to tornado watches. It was nasty.
Monday: Ran 8 miles through the woods in rural PA, while my spouse gamely followed me on a too-small bicycle. Saw a deer run across the path in front of me. This run was almost all through the woods.
Tuesday: Walk 5.2 miles with my sis. Yeah, lotta gabbing.
Wednesday: Nuthin. It was raining. Threw me off my game. Let's call it my "rest day".
Thursday: Run 3 miles with the spouse (my sister in PA has this "loop") plus pushups, dips, and crunches.
Friday: Walk the 3 mile loop with the spouse, before heading off to rent a car and go to Cornell in Ithaca, NY. My husband's college reunion. He's old.
Saturday: Run 3 miles through Cornell. Remarkably, my hubby showed me the way on a map that was generally flat. Remarkable for Cornell. Beautiful university. Fun fact: Cornell costs about $50k per year (tuition, room, board) these days. And the dorms are still crappy.
Sunday: Walked about 7 mins before the downpour started, ended up doing the 25 min yoga podcast before driving to Syracuse to briefly visit friends (before heading off to family in Schenectady later that day).
Monday: Run 3 miles through my hubby's old 'hood.
Tuesday: Walk 3.75 miles with hubby, around Collins lake.
Wednesday: Run 7 miles along the Mohawk River Bike path. Plus crunches, pushups, and dips.
Thursday: didn't get started first thing in the morning, so did a short 2 mile afternoon stroll.
Friday: Run/walk 3.25 miles through the 'hood. Run one song on the old Ipod, walk one song.
Saturday: Walk 3.75 miles around Collins lake with the hub, before heading to the airport to fly home. Running on a day I'm flying is bad...all sorts of leg cramps ensue.
Sunday (today): Too many chores, hubby is working. Met my friends at the beach with the kids, did some shopping, including buying patio furniture so we have a place for our guests to sit at my 40TH BIRTHDAY PARTY THIS WEEKEND.


Amy B said...

Happy 40th birthday! Impressive exercise schedule!

Anonymous said...

i love how you are real about vacation weight is normal and most of it is salt anyway. also thanks for posting your workouts marcia. your bday is this weekend??????love this!