Monday, April 5, 2010

Pasta with Lemon, Broccoli, and Cheese

I swear I already posted this. Or I wrote it out on paper so that I could post it. But darned if I can find it.

Pasta with Lemon, Broccoli, and Cheese
3/4 lb macaroni: 0.75
1 lb broccoli, chopped: 0.99
1/3 8-oz pkg cream cheese: 0.45
2 oz parmesan: 0.75
2 cubes homemade pesto: 0.40
2 T olive oil: 0.22
salt and pepper
1/2 oz shredded Irish cheddar: 0.16
juice and zest of one lemon: free from the boss's tree

Total: $3.72 for about 8 one cup servings (there's a lot of food in there...we've eaten 5 servings, there are probably more than 3 left), or about $0.47 per serving

Boil the pasta according to the package directions. Add broccoli 2 mins before the end. Before draining, save 1/2 to 1 cup cooking water.

Drain pasta and broccoli. Return to pot. Stir in remaining ingredients, and add the pasta water to make it as "saucy" as you like.

This was delicious. And I'm having it for lunch again. My son just mowed through it.


Joanne said...

I often have memory blurps like that. I think though that I'm just remembering something I made before the blog existed.

This looks so delicious!

Anonymous said...

oh this looks so know me i love pasta :)
btw i awarded you an award this morning on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I love lemon with pasta - looks delicious!