Monday, April 19, 2010

Collard Green Coleslaw

Another gem that originated in Vegetarian times, and you can find it here.

This week, I was cleaning out my magazines. When you have a really small house with no garage or attic, you have to be ruthless. Generally, when I get a magazine, I fold down the recipes that I want to keep. Then a few months later, I review the magazine, tear out the ones that I am still interested in, and recycle the rest. I was pretty impressed that I cut this out this week from a January issue. Then I realized that it's from January 2009.

This was a keeper, due to it being a leafy green recipe, which we get a lot of in the spring. At least, I'm pretty sure I didn't fold down the corner for turnip green ragout.

This recipe has a LOT of sugar. And I added all of it. Just guessing that it might need it. Next time around, I will decrease it a bit, maybe to 3 Tbsp. It wasn't cloyingly sweet, but unnecessary. Also, all the excess liquid from adding hot dressing to the slaw made it somewhat wet.

Still, it tasted very good for a raw collard green recipe. First time I've eaten collards raw. My 4 year old ate it up nicely.

Collard Green Slaw.
1/2 lb (10-12 leaves) of collards: 1.50
3 carrots, shredded: 0.50
3/4 to 1 cup grated onion: 0.20
1/2 large red bell pepper, diced: 0.60

1/2 cup rice vinegar: 0.50
1/3 cup sugar: 0.10
1/4 cup canola oil: 0.16
1 tsp powdered mustard: 0.10
1/2 tsp salt: 0.01
1/4 tsp fresh ground black pepper: 0.02

Total: $1.89 for about 4-5 cups. $0.47 per serving.

Mix veggies in a bowl. Heat dressing ingredients to boil to dissolve sugar. Pour warm dressing over greens. Refrigerate 4 hours before serving.


Anonymous said...

ooh this is so interesting Marcia! i have never cooked with collard greens. are they bitter? is that the reason for all the sugar?

Marcia said...

I think collards can be bitter, hence the sugar. I think definitely less sugar would work fine too.