Friday, December 25, 2009

What to Pack for a 23-hour Train Ride

Boy, my internet connection has been a big old pile of...lately.

We are embarking on a one-day train trip today. So naturally, my thoughts turn to food. What to pack for the trip? For any long trip by plane, my backpack tends to be a small bit entertainment for my son, and a large bit food. Which comes in handy when you are stuck in Houston for 10 hours and end up flying standby last-minute when your last meal was 6 hours ago.

Now, it's not like they don't have food on the train. They do, and I'm sure we will be eating some, considering that we'll be on the train for dinner, breakfast, and lunch. But most likely we'll only eat 1-2 meals.

My packing strategy is to choose items that will hold up well in a backpack and that are a mix of healthy and special snacks. On that note, here's the list:

satsuma mandarins (and a damp washcloth)

peanut butter filled pretzels
granola bars & Lara bars
dried apples
trail mix
cheese puffs

(My good friend gave us the last two as a gift for our trip.)

With these items, we can be happily fed for at least breakfast and lunch. We'll be at Union Station for dinner time, so might wander off to find something.

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