Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fried Rice

Not a traditional Christmas Eve dinner in either family. For my spouse's family, it's roast pork, red cabbage, potatoes, butternut squash, rice pudding with cherry sauce.

For my family, at some point it became "pick foods", aka, junk food. Cheese and crackers, meat slices, shrimp cocktail, fritos with velveeta dip, cookies, and maybe a veggie tray.

My husband and I have tried many things. More often than not, it's the roast pork. Last year it was chicken and tri-tip because our guests were Jewish. One year, it was failed fajitas because our tortillas were moldy and the stores were all closed.

This year is the final clean-out-the fridge meal: fried rice

1 cup brown rice, cooked: 0.60
a few green onions from the garden
1 onion, diced: 0.20
1 Tbsp canola oil: 0.03
a few diced carrots: 0.30
1/3 bag frozen peas: 0.40
1 egg (the last one): 0.13
soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper: 0.40
Total: $2.06 for dinner for three and probably one lunch serving.

with some leftover green beans...

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