Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I hate it when food goes bad

I'm pretty good at using up food so that I don't waste it. This weekend (Sat), I bought tortillas. Now generally, I buy flour tortillas and stick them straight in the freezer. This time, I tried a new TJ's product, whole wheat organic wraps. I ate one on Saturday in a sandwich.

Tonight: quesadillas. And I opened the package, with 9 tortillas left and - they were starting to mold! After only a few days in the fridge! $2.00 down the drain. Bummer.

And then I gotta send my spouse up the hill for tortillas, right before dinner. Luckily we live nearby.

This reminds me of a Christmas Eve dinner, our first in So. Cal. together, when I decided to make fajitas for dinner. Now, back then ('97), I didn't really cook. But I bought the ingredients, and made the fajitas, and opened up the tortillas (which I didn't buy, because my spouse already had them, he was the cook), and...they were moldy! And it was 8 pm on Christmas eve! So every place was closed.

So we ate fajita fillings. I was SO disappointed, and apparently, I haven't forgotten about it.

So, back to the freezer for my wraps/tortillas. Sadly, they lose freshness that way. But better than tossing them.


Amy B said...

Wow, they went bad in just four days. Regular bread doesn't mold that quickly, does it? Guess now we know why the industry puts preservatives in almost everything. I guess you could divide the package and put half in the freezer.

I threw out a mushy peach I found at the bottom of the fridge produce drawer, the other day, kicking myself for not eating it when it was ripe. I hate to waste food too!

Marcia said...

Yep, four days!!

April Hoffmann said...

Trader Joe's tortilla's are the WORST! They ALWAYS mold so fast! I stopped buying them there because of this (I find a lot of their bread products are like this). I appreciate the perservative free aspect, but it gets a little ridiculous. Who can eat an entire package of tortillas in 2-3 days?! So don't worry, it wasn't just you!