Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Couple of Yummy Dinners

So, tonight's plan was Ethiopian Lentil Stew. Which I made. But you know, stew generally gets better with time. And well, I went to the grocery store today. While I didn't really need much, I noticed that potatoes were on sale ($0.68 for 5 lbs), and broccoli and cauliflower were on sale (0.77/lb), so I couldn't resist.

So I made aloo gobi. And I had Indian spiced chickpeas in the freezer. And I made kale chips. I am in utter heaven. This was SUCH a good, vegan dinner.

And last night I was craving crazy amounts of salad, so I made a salad with avocado, toasted walnuts, pomegranate seeds, cherry tomatoes...we had it with the old standby, Mediterranean Chickpeas and Rice.


Joanne said...

Mmm good looking dinners and super healthy as well! I am a sucker for supermarket sales as well. Plus stew does get better with time :D.

Amy B said...

It's fun to spy on other people's dinner plates!

Actually, speaking of, I have that same plate with the blue flowers. :)
Would that I had your food on my plate, right now. you are such a healthy eater!