Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekly Meal Plan and Soup

Saturday (today)
Salmon with soy/honey/lemon/mustard glaze
Roasted potato/leek/turnip/onion soup. (See this recipe, but with onions instead of garlic and turnips instead of half the potatoes)
Mixed frozen veggies, micro'd with pepper, olive oil, parmesan tossed at the end

The soup was delicious as before, but I missed the garlic. This time I used arugula pesto instead of parsley (we found some of last year's pesto in the freezer). Still good. Sadly, we were to have friends over for dinner, and they are sick (I am remembering how sick I was the first year of my son's life). So we still have extra salmon.

Sunday (tomorrow)
The rest of the salmon.
Pasta with onions, garlic, diced canned tomatoes, and chard (usually I make this with kale, but we got chard this week).
Salad (we got a really big head of red leaf)

Leftover potato turnip leek soup

Lemony couscous with broccoli
salad or roasted turnips

Leftover taco soup from freezer

Leftover couscous or soup
Some kind of veggie from the CSA (tbd)

Either leftovers (if there are any, it's kinda hard to tell because we eat leftovers for lunch everyday too) OR
Indian lentils (from a packet in the pantry) and Indian veggie burgers (from the freezer)

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