Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Roasted Kale

Tonight was a very veggie-intensive dinner. We got a LOT of veggies from the farm last week, and still had some leftover from the week before.

My original plan was to have the leftover salmon, roasted turnips (with onions and garlic, same way I do beets), and salad. But then I saw the bunch of kale. I usually just steam, freeze, and use like frozen spinach. But I was going to roast turnips anyway.

I googled to find recipes for roasted kale. They are mostly the same. So I used this one:


Except for I had the oven at 400F for the turnips.

Dinner therefore was:
Roasted turnips with onions and garlic
Roasted kale chips
Salad with radishes, olives, blue cheese, and avocado

Nicholas (my 2-year old) happily ate the salmon, kale chips, olives, avocado, and blue cheese. He spit out the turnip. He'd already snacked on strawberries, so we let him finish up dinner with a few tortilla chips.

Every once in awhile I have a meal where I think my family members would just go "eww, gross" and would be surprised at what Nick will eat. This was one of those days. Most of my family members don't particularly care for kale, turnips, or avocado.

No pictures. I thought about it after taking a few bites, decided just to eat instead.

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