Monday, May 19, 2008


The plan for tonight was veggie burritos/tacos. I decided that in order to get everything to "stick" together (necessary with a toddler) that I would stop at a grocery store at lunch to buy some refried beans, as I hadn't put beans on to soak.

I surfed for sales...Store A had 14 oz of beans for $1.00. Store B had them for $1.25. However, store A would have taken me out of my way by about 5 miles, and with gas prices being $4/gallon, that means $0.60. So store B won. And, it turns out, had the 28-oz can in the store brand for $1.50.

Veggie and Bean burritos:
whole wheat tortillas (4) - 0.60
assorted vegetables (today it was onion, carrot, zucchini, and corn) ?? (CSA) - let's call it 0.70
canola oil - 0.20
refried beans - (1/3 large can) - 0.50
salsa - 0.30
sour cream - 0.25
shredded cheddar (2 oz) - 0.38

Total: $3.70 for 4 small burritos

Dice carrots, onion, zucchini. Heat oil on medium-high in a nonstick pan. Add veggies, stir-fry until desired doneness (I prefer carmely brown).

Microwave refried beans to warm.

Microwave tortillas in between moist paper towels (1 min for 4 tortillas works pretty well) to warm.

Assemble as desired. For my two-year old, he'll eat anything wrapped like a burritos. I prefer mine "taco-like", because I can put in more filling.

We ate this with roasted kale.

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