Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Goals

Taking a page out of Mavis' book (I haven't done this before because it felt too overwhelming), I have 2017 goals!

1. Exercise:
Running: 300 miles, half marathon in May, and *maybe* the Pier to Peak half in September (depends on how May goes)
Biking: 500 miles (to/from work 2x a week)
Swimming: 50 miles
Walking: 150 miles (more running, less walking)
Weights/ yoga: 30 minutes a week (use that Beachbody all-access!)

2. Grocery bill: Keep it under $7000

3.  Weight: maintain or lose up to 5 lb

4.  Family:
Go on 12 family hikes
Do game night once a week

5.  Crafts:
- Crochet a blanket (a "thermometer" granny square blanket, based on the temperature each day)
- crochet a purse
- finish a quilting baby blanket
- participate in my quilting group's exchange
- make 12 snowflakes
- attempt to make socks

6.  Sleep: keep track of it and see if the low dose estrogen helps

7.  Food: eat vegan 2 days a week

8.  Cookbooks: Try 1 recipe from every cookbook I own

9.  Work:
     a. Skills: Learn enough programming to automate the data pulls for problem lots (which requires pulling data from 2 different databases)
     b. Personal:  Don't engage.  Really.  There's that one guy who is annoying.  And that other guy who just has a different opinion.  And he's always right, and he's impatient.  He really doesn't like to listen.  He seems friendly, (and is), but in a "do not engage or get into a discussion.  You will only annoy him, it's obvious, and he annoys you too."  It's okay.  Smile, listen, move on.  Then there is that third guy.  Also a great guy but you don't agree on a few work-related things.  Just don't discuss those things.

10.  Home: Contact contractor/ architect on adding a second bathroom.

11.  Garden: actually plant tomatoes this year.  Baby steps.

12.  Spouse: once a month lunch date

13.  Beverages:
- Drink less coffee and more tea (one cup coffee per day)
- Do not buy any wine aside from my two wine club memberships
- Drink two 24-oz bottles of water a day, minimum.  My doc thinks that my occasional light-headedness when exercising is a combo between low blood pressure + slight dehydration.

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