Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Goals week 1:

1. Exercise:
Running: 300 miles: To date: 9.26 miles 
Biking: 500 miles: To date: 0 miles (rain)
Swimming: 50 miles: To date: 1.64 miles
Walking: 150 miles: To date: 1.58 miles
Weights/ yoga: 30 minutes a week (1560 this year): 110 minutes (yoga stretch, Cize crazy 8's, physical therapy for my back, Chisel strength ISO)

2. Grocery bill: Keep it under $7000 ($134.62/wk): $172.62 ( 10 year old is in a growth spurt)

3.  Weight: maintain or lose up to 5 lb: scale had me under 140, so I'm good.

4.  Family:
Go on 12 family hikes: Zippo. Nada
Do game night once a week: Kid #1 was 3 for 3 in Clue today

5.  Crafts:
- Crochet a blanket (a "thermometer" granny square blanket, based on the temperature each day): 7 blocks down, pretty boring so far, temps have been 49 to 62.

- crochet a purse: nothing
- finish a quilting baby blanket: done

- participate in my quilting group's exchange: nothing
- make 12 snowflakes: nothing
- attempt to make socks: I've pinned a bunch of instructions?

6.  Sleep: keep track of it and see if the low dose estrogen helps: Haven't started.  Had one bad night sleep (4 year old 2 am wakeup)

7.  Food: eat vegan 2 days a week: Almost on Weds and Saturday.  This was a last minute whim of a goal, and I had no non-dairy option for my coffee.  So 
Weds had milk in my 1 cup coffee, and my (pre purchased frozen) veggie burger had cheese in it.
Sat had milk in my first cup coffee.  My lunch was fab!

8.  Cookbooks: Try 1 recipe from every cookbook I own:
This week: Roasted tomato and white bean soup from Bikini Bootcamp by Melissa Perlman and Erica Gragg.
Roasted brussels sprouts with rosemary from The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon (recipe included potatoes, which I left out because I didn't have them)
I also tried a new Mexican rice recipe in the Instant Pot.  It was not as good as my Spanish rice.

9.  Work:
     a. Skills: Learn enough programming to automate the data pulls for problem lots (which requires pulling data from 2 different databases).  Haven't worked on this yet.
     b. Personal:  Don't engage.  Really.  Found a 4th person that I need to "not engage" with.  Oops.

10.  Home: Contact contractor/ architect on adding a second bathroom. Nothing

11.  Garden: actually plant tomatoes this year.  Baby steps. Nothing
Ooh, need to add: put some ground cover in the back dirt patch

12.  Spouse: once a month lunch date: nothing

13.  Beverages:
- Drink less coffee and more tea (one cup coffee per day): Yes, Monday to Friday.
- Do not buy any wine aside from my two wine club memberships: Nothing
- Drink two 24-oz bottles of water a day, minimum.  My doc thinks that my occasional light-headedness when exercising is a combo between low blood pressure + slight dehydration.
Mmm...probably did okay for half the week.

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